Partnerships in Health at Work

Partnerships in Health (PH) organizes continuous trainings for medical and non-medical staff on HIV / AIDS on the territory of the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina. The primary goal of our trainings is to enhance the professional capabilities and strengthen and expand the knowledge of medical and non-medical professionals in order to better address the needs of PLHIV and reduce stigma and discrimination.

Trainings are interactive, based on a specially developed curriculum and conducted by certified and experienced trainers. Our trainings on HIV and AIDS provide a modern, comprehensive approach to the education of professionals in the prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS. Medical and non-medical professionals have so far shown a lot of interest and motivation for these topics.

13.09.2012, Tešanj

Training for Secondary Health Care Professionals

In addition to training on measures to protect, prevent and correct approach to dealing with people living with HIV, a special emphasis on our trainings is given to stigma and discrimination. Despite the democratic changes that occurred in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the last two decades, discrimination towards PLHIV persists in every field of life. Fear is a major contributing factor for development of stigma, and it can only be resolved by proper and accurate understanding of HIV and AIDS.

The trainings aim to improve professionals’ understanding of the issues related to HIV and AIDS, increase their commitment to work and quality of care and support for their patients and people living with HIV and thus give a stronger contribution to the prevention of HIV.

05.12.2012, Prijedor

Training for Prevention of Occupational Exposure for Non-Health Professionals
The indirect aim of the training is to establish a good cooperation and exchange of experiences and knowledge among health professionals, especially those who come into direct contact with living with HIV.

Groups are small (15-25 participants), which allows for better concentration and active participation of all participants. Depending on the profile of the participants (medical workers, police, military), training sessions are held in hospitals, health centers, police academies, etc. Trainings are organized according to the target group: PLWHA (people living with HIV and AIDS), PMTCT (prevention of mother to child transmission) and IPTCS (integrated prevention treatment, care and support).

28.09.2012, Doboj

Training for Mental Health Professionals

Trainings are designed to last one day. Usually divided into ten units covering key areas in relation to HIV and AIDS, training schedule is adjusted according to the wishes and needs of the participants, organizational capabilities of institutions and other daily obligations.
At the end of the training, participants are able to understand the context of global and regional epidemiological trend of HIV prevalence; properly provide services intended for persons living with HIV, understand the importance of adherence to treatment and modes of transmission; explain elements of and refer the counseling about HIV; and finally to pinpoint the causes and consequences of stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV.

28.09.2012, Mostar
Training on Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission

Our ultimate goal is to provide necessary knowledge on HIV and AIDS to every professional in the country. Whether you are a medical worker, police officer or a soldier, the quality of your work depends on your ability to handle and control risky situations. If you want to schedule a training session on HIV and AIDS for your institution, please contact us.