Contribution of civil society to the system of public health

Contribution of civil society organizations to strengthening partnership dialogue and cooperation of governmental and nongovernmental sector in the system of public health

Overall objective:

Strengthening partner dialogue and cooperation of governmental and nongovernmental sector in order to improve the system of public health.

Specific objectives:

     Building capacities of the institutional mechanisms for government cooperation with NGOs and private companies in the sector of public health
     Building capacities of the issued based coalition of NGOs to take part in a policy dialogue in the health sector
     Developing a system of additional education and specialization of health workers from all sectors and in collaboration with government and non-government stakeholders.

The project aims to assist development of a strengthened civil society and more knowledgeable government-designated institutions to be valuable partners in further development of a better service in the BiH health sector.

The overall objective of the project is to support civil society organizations to play a more strategic role in adoption of European standards in the BiH health sector, thus strengthening accession process of BiH to EU.

The project is directly aimed towards the completion of the first specific goal: to stimulate and strengthen the issue-based CSO networks, cooperation, exchange of knowledge and experience between them in order to become stronger partners in the dialogue with the governmental authorities through the development and strengthening of capacities for improvement of mechanisms for policy dialogue in the BiH health sector.

The Federal Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Republic of Srpska – as entity ministries, they play an important role in the process of developing partnerships with institutions and private sector and CSOs. Through the project "Contribution of organization of civil society to strengthening partnership dialogue and cooperation of governmental and nongovernmental sector in the system of public health” they will be the key actors in institutional defining of cooperation model for relevant health institutions, private sector and CSOs, which proves essential for the strengthening of health sector and increasing quality of health services. Because every ministry is superior to its resource center, the participation of these institutions will secure an adequate support to the process of development of institutional mechanisms for cooperation of government and non-government organizations working in the health sector.

CSOs play an important role in providing support to the health care system in BiH. This project envisions CSOs to be the creators of the partnership model for cooperation with the government. Through the strengthening sector network, and with a help of entity resource centers, these organizations will become participants in the policy dialogue in the public health sector on the basis of knowledge and experience exchange. 50 organizations will be included in the project activities, either through direct participation in activities or via collecting information about activities from the website of e-learning.

The project beneficiaries are users of health services in BiH. When the service quality system is not on the satisfying level, users of health services are the ones that suffer the most, which makes exercising their right to adequate health protection very difficult. Participating in this project through CSOs, citizens will be able to express their needs, pinpoint the flaws in the health system and ultimately obtain more information about ways of exercising their right for health protection.

The two entity Resources centers (Banjaluka and Sarajevo) whose mandate is coordination and strengthening of capacities in the health sector will act as associates in the project. Since these institutions are already existent in the system of public health because they make an integral part of the entity Institutes of Public Health and are directly cooperating with chambers, medical personnel, private sector, CSO and citizens, they are going to be important actors in the process of strengthening of partnership dialogue and development of mechanisms for cooperation on one side and strengthening of capacities in the field of CME and CPD on the other. These institutions will become one of the channels of intersectoral cooperation, which in the long run will enable them to act as an information and education points. Resource centers will grow into service institutions that will distribute all relevant information about active projects in health, actions, discussions and other relevant topics from the health sector. Furthermore, resource centers will become technical organizers of educational events and trainings that will be implemented by, CSOs, private and government sector.

The time for implementation of the project is 24 months, starting with January 2013.